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Quality firewood

Firewood is measured in cords.  A cord is a unit of measurement that equals 128 cubic feet.  Delivery is available, minimum delivery charge is $35.  We charge an additional $1.95 for every mile after 25 miles from the wood yard.  We are able to deliver from 1 - cord to 18 cords at a time.  Stacking is available for $30 per every half cord.  It is an additional $0.50 for every foot we have to move the wood from the back of the truck.

Bundled firewood

Romero's Firewood sells quality firewood in NM as well as nationally to locations across the country.  Our firewood is dry and ready for use right away to heat your home or use for cooking purposes.  Call or stop by today and get your supply of firewood in time for the chilly Fall weather in NM.



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Bosque Farms, New Mexico


Cut & Processed

Manzano, NM

We also offer bundled firewood.  We sell 3/4 of cubic foot bundles.  These bundles are ideal for retail at campsites, gas stations, and grocery stores.  We are able to move high volumes of bundles.  We are also able to label and palatalize the orders as well.  We are able to load tractor trailers to ship to further distances.  We are able to ship year round.  Please add sufficient time if you are requesting during peak season (October-February). 

Contact Marcus Romero at (505) 934-3388 or for a personalized quote. 

Please provide number of bundles, location, species of wood, and photo of label.